We Truly Appreciate Your Support at Our Summer Kickoff!

Dustin Cheatham

We Truly Appreciate Your Support at Our Summer Kickoff!

I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for my team at Upside and the help I received from my co-sponsors from CMG Home Loans and Ohm Solar at our Summer Kickoff. It can be a daunting task pulling off an event like that and hoping it comes together the way you envision it. While we had a few minor hiccups and some opportunities to learn, I am astounded at how well this one turned out. I know it is because of the wonderful team I got to work with in putting this event together. 

My agents, Kelly, Katie, and Dana, helped brainstorm ideas, spent time door knocking the neighborhood to let people know about it and created and donated three beautiful gift baskets as prizes. Kelly supplied lots of lawn games for everyone to enjoy. They helped with making hot dogs and root beer floats and checking in on everyone. Aubrae, my client care coordinator, organized the event, communicated between teams, and made sure we had all the supplies we needed. 

I also had amazing help from the team at CMG loans. Allison Denney helped us plan and coordinate with her team to make this event a reality! Not to mention the whole team, Kathy Gonzales, Renee Hauge, Allison Denney, and Mario Reyes donated gift baskets as prizes. They all arrived early Saturday morning to help set up ahead of time. Renee spent almost all of her time at the event getting her hands sticky from making everyone root beer floats. 

This whole team supported each other and lifted each other up with their positive energy and attitudes. It made for an extremely successful event for our first try! 

The biggest thank you goes to everyone in the neighborhood who showed up and our clients. Without you, we would have been stuck with 200 hot dogs and enough ice cream and root beer to fill a small pool. It made me so happy to see people coming out with their families to enjoy a fun afternoon playing games, socializing, and eating delicious treats. 

Next year, we want to make this event even bigger and better! We are taking the lessons we learned and plan to implement them. 

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